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Rates and Services

Services and Rates

Labor Rates:

In Chico:

  • $30 per hour per person, up to 8 hours

  • $120 minimum per person.

  • We provide all moving equipment, dollies, tie-downs, and rope.  

Surrounding Areas:

  • $30 per hour per person up to 8 hours

  • $120 minimum per person.

  • Time starts when we leave Chico, but we will advice of the estimated travel time.  For Oroville, Paradise, and Orland this is 1 hour for the round trip (30 minutes each way).    

  • We provide loading and unloading equipment, dollies, tie-downs, and rope.  

Based on a few questions concerning the nature of the job, I can provide a pretty good estimate of the time it will take us to complete it depending on the number of guys you decide to use.  The largest bulk of our jobs are performed within four to six hours. 


Of course, the more efficiently the job has been packed the quicker we will be able to move you and there are sometimes complications unique to the location of the job or the layout of a house, but these are rare.  In my opinion, on-site estimates are generally used as an opportunity to sell you on paying more than you should for moving services.  Our rates are straight forward and reasonable and because on-site estimates are not really needed, we do not perform them. 

Estimating Your Job

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