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In addition to being one of our independent movers, Dale is creator and coordinator for Two Strong Arms Moving.  The Two Strong Arms collective was his idea and arose as he realized the services he and other independent movers provide were filling a gap in service needs for people who would prefer not to spend $800 to a $3500 for professional movers. 

Dale has a B.A. in psych, a J.D., is helping raise two precocious boys, and is working on a number of writing projects with an eye toward publication. And he is a former yoga instructor!  


Breckon is the youngest of our independent movers. He is a Chico State student majoring in business, a musician, and a budding chef.  Like the other movers in our group, Breckon values art and thinks a little differently than others in his approach to life.  Dale and Breckon met while working on a moving job together and Dale started calling him when clients were looking for two guys, which eventually led to Dale's idea to form this group.  Breckon is always likable, easy going, and a hard worker.        


Jordan is a Chico local who loves music, playing guitar, singing, and writing music.  He can often be found at local open mic venues or doing karaoke.  Jordan attended Butte College, was a high school wrestler and now practices mixed martial arts.  Consequently he is in exceptional shape for this kind of work.  Dale and Jordan met a few years ago when doing karaoke.  Dale realized Jordan had the right attitude and work ethic for moving work and asked if he was interested in joining our group of independent movers.  Like others in our group this work gives him autonomy and greater freedom to explore what interests him personally.   


Cebolla is married with two young children.  His wife is a local teacher.  He owns his own lawn maintenance business and is a former surf guide in El Salvador who, because he is now landlocked, spends his free time with his son at the local skate parks while working to get his photography business going. Did I mention he is an amazing photographer? Check out his photos!  Dale and Cebolla met when they were both at the skatepark with their respective boys.  Dale was impressed with his "always smiling" way of approaching life and so they began working together on moving jobs.

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