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About Two Strong Arms Moving

The concept for Two Strong Arms Moving arose while I, Dale, was offering my individual moving services to people who did not want to hire full service moving companies.  The reasons for this varied.  Sometimes the job was relatively small but often it was that the costs of a full service moving company was exorbitant.  Consequently, my clients would hire me and someone else from Craigslist to help them move.  Unfortunately, I had never met the other person and often they had little to no experience moving and questionable work ethics. 
Consequently, I realized it would be helpful to my clients, myself, and other quality independent movers to form a collective that allowed clients to make one call or text to set up as many movers as they needed and have the confidence that they were all reliable, experienced, easy going, and accustomed to working together.  After all, on Craigslist it is hard to know what you are going to get.  Unlike other Craigslist movers, however, we have a Yelp page, a Five Star Yelp Rating, and this extensive website to allay your fears.    
By forming this collective of high quality independent movers, we are able to provide better and more reliable moving services for our clients while making the whole process very inexpensive, compared to full service moving companies.  

In deciding on who to contact to join this collective of independent movers, I have had a decided bias for people who like to live life in a minimalistic way, and those with an eclectic and artistic approach to life, as well as people who are naturally active.  Moving can be hard work and it doesn't pay a great deal, even when doing it independently.  However, doing it independently gives us more freedom to pursue other interests in life, as well as to spend time with our families.


Take a look at the profiles of our independent movers and I think you will agree that each of us is following our heart when we are not moving your things.  Consequently, we do not view this work negatively, as some movers do when they are working 9 to 5 for someone else, rather than for themselves.  For each of us, it is a key component to allowing us to pursue what interests us personally. As a group we are some of the happiest movers you will ever meet.   

We are also mature, intelligent, and uncommonly well educated for movers.  We are not "meathead movers."  Consequently, we use our brains as well as our bodies to insure your belongings are moved safely. 




About Our Independent Movers

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